Lujo Hotel - Schmetterling International GmbH & Co. KG

Prepare yourself for a journey into a lush world of art & joy !

Joy is what resides at the center of our philosophy at Lujo with the firm belief in its transforming power to let people to be overcome by the magic of their heart`s delight. With this in mind, we made it our goal to create more and more joyful moments for our guests hence take a step on making the world a better place and change it. For us, every joyful moment comprises flawless art with the way it appeals to our minds, hearts and souls. Art an Joy, both profoundly heart felt qualities, are the main pillars of our concept at Lujo Hotel to create a totally unique environment.

Lujo Bodrum, with its minimal architectural style, natural colours and spectacular Aegean view, blend comfort and luxury with such delicate balance and an artistic rigor to give you more pleasure than a masterpiece can offer.

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Hotel has the right to limit availability, block out dates and change conditions if needed.